Mission Statement

Georgia Society of Hearing Professionals, Inc. Mission Statement


To promote the welfare, insofar as hearing is concerned, of persons with deficient hearing.

To promote goodwill and cooperation among hearing aid dealers in Georgia.

To improve the competence of hearing aid dealers and dispensers in Georgia.

To maintain and improve ethical standards in the dispensing of hearing aids to merit and insure public confidence in the profession.

To promote and encourage better public understanding of the benefits of the use of hearing aids.

To improve the methods of dispensing, fitting and using hearing aids and to improve the effectiveness of such hearing aids.

To collect and disseminate information of value to members and to the public

To conduct the activities and to pursue these objectives without pecuniary gain.

To do any and all things reasonably necessary, suitable, proper, convenient or incidental to the aforesaid purposes of which properly may be done, and to possess all powers, rights, and privileges properly permitted a corporation organized not for profit for such purposes, under the laws of the State of Georgia.